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Izzy Hall

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A new startup founded by two Gen Z sisters combines the resale trend with the power of the influencer, giving shoppers the opportunity to purchase directly from the wardrobes of their favourite social media stars.

While Gen Z rarely likes to admit that influencers have an impact on their purchasing decisions, we do know that for the fashion-conscious among them at least, following stylish celebrities and content creators is a common way to get outfit ideas. Our latest Youth Trends Report found that 78% of UK 16-24s get fashion inspiration from social media and 63% follow people whose style they like. Many social media accounts exist to reveal where you can buy specific items worn by celebrities, often leading the products to sell out. Apps like 21 Buttons already enable influencers to monetise their following by sharing affiliate links to sites selling the clothes they post photos of.

New website Selleb, founded by US-based college graduate Chloe Lee and her student sister Claire, takes this concept a step further, providing a platform for celebrities, influencers and creators to sell items from their own wardrobes – think Depop meets Instagram. They also took inspiration from street fashion culture, with products being released in weekly drops. Each Friday a new set of featured stars is announced, and a selection of items from their personal collections go up for auction for just two days. The concept is described by its founders as “the coolest yard sale on the internet.”

So far, the featured stars have included TikTok beauty blogger @glowwithava, August founder and regular YMS speaker Nadya Okamoto and model/dancer Larsen Thompson. Selleb is also breaking out into the real world, holding their first pop-up shop at New York store Edie Parker recently, with special guest appearances from some of their star sellers and exclusive items available only in-store.

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