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In Edinburgh, a group of young female and non-binary skateboarders have formed their own crew in solidarity against sexism on the skate scene. The brilliantly-named Skateboobs are quickly growing a following on TikTok and Instagram, selling merch to fans around the world, and have received press coverage from i-D and The Verge, among others.

Skateboobs was formed when two of the members met at an event in London, and discovered that they would both soon be living in Scotland. Led by artist and student Meg Wriggles, the collective grew as they met more young women and non-binary people who were looking for friends and support within the skate community. They began sharing videos of their tricks on TikTok, and quickly became one of the most popular female skate crews on the platform, with almost 400,000 likes of their content so far.

Skateboobs are part of a growing #girlswhoskate movement on TikTok, where skate videos have found a fitting new home. Their impressive tricks, video edits and cool outfits are a perfect match for a platform that celebrates talent and creativity. Brands such as Supreme and Palace had already brought skate style to Gen Z, and TikTok is now driving more young people to give the sport a try. Skateboobs, along with other influencers on the skate scene, are committed to encouraging more young women and non-binary people to get involved.

Along with their efforts to grow the female skating scene, Skateboobs also use their platform for other forms of activism and community support. They released a t-shirt to raise money for breast cancer charity Coppafeel, and have shared advice on protecting your mental health during lockdown. Some people may assume that the only reason young people strive to grow a social media following is in order to become an influencer, but for Gen Z, a key motivation for having a platform online is that it enables them to spread messages that they feel are important.

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