Twitch It Up: Make Room for the Female Streamer

Voxburner Content Team

It was reported that last month, Twitch saw record viewership for the third time in 2021. The platform enjoyed over 2.1 billion hours of viewing throughout April, yes that’s right, 2.1 BILLION. Initially created to enable video gamers to live stream their activity and talk with their audience, Twitch has seen exponential growth over the past year. It now boasts upwards of 9.2 million monthly active streamers, as quoted in our Social Media Annual 2021 Report.

Naturally, the platform has a strong appeal to the Gen Z audience as it combines many of their key interests; streaming, social interaction, entrepreneurship and of course, gaming. While the Twitch audience has traditionally been skewed towards male gamers, female streamers are beginning to climb up the ranks and reposition the platform. In April 2021, there were eight women in the top 200 streamers on Twitch up from just three a year earlier, according to StreamElements.

Like many other social platforms, the type of content on Twitch has continued to evolve based on changing interests. While gaming as a category is still a firm favourite, videos labelled as ‘just chatting’- which are essentially live video diaries- are quickly growing in popularity. In fact, during the first quarter of 2021, “just chatting” videos accounted for 12% of all content watched on Twitch.

One of the most talked-about female streamers on the site is 24-year old Pokimane or Imane Anys, who has amassed a staggering 7.7 million followers. Her content varies between gaming and more personable videos which fall into the ‘just chatting’ category, offering her audience a glimpse into her life. Users can check her schedule to see when she is next live and set notifications to ensure they don’t miss her. They can also pay to subscribe for an ad-free experience and get priority passes for her events. While paying to view content might not be appealing for some, many Gen Z’s enjoy the sense of community and exclusivity this creates.

As the number of female streamers continues to grow and so too does their audience base and brands are taking note. E.l.f., known for pioneering its way through the latest social platforms, has become the first beauty brand to launch its own branded Twitch channel. 

The channel- titled ‘elfyou’– is centred around the concept of ‘Game-up’, a hybrid of make-up and gaming. To officially launch the channel, E.l.f. Is hosting a “Game Up” contest on TikTok that will run from May 9-June 6. To enter, contestants have to post videos of their “Game Up” (the makeup they wear while streaming). Prizes include a collection of high-tech streaming equipment (including a pro webcam and broadcasting microphone), as well as e.l.f Products and the opportunity to stream with Loserfruit, an influencer the brand regularly collaborates with.


Doing my makeup in less than 5 mins is one of my talents and it means I have more time to GAMEUP with @elfyeah #TikTokGGT #elfgameup #ad

♬ original sound – Loserfruit

To further appeal to this young female audience and recognise their demand for inclusion and female representation within gaming,  the brand has also created the E.l.f. You program. The program is “designed to further E.l.f.’s purpose pillar of empowering others by promoting and supporting up-and-coming female gamers” and “looks to help shatter glass ceilings in the world of gaming, making it more inclusive for and welcoming for female gamers.” 

As the platform grows, its content evolves and its audience diversifies, Twitch represents a huge opportunity for brands across all industries to broaden their reach, as well as add a level of interactivity and gamification to their marketing efforts. A must with Gen Z.

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