Youth Trends Report 2023 | The Countdown Is On

Alex Haider

Where has the time gone?!

It’s just a matter of weeks before Voxburner brings together the biggest brands shaping the youth marketing world. We’ll be kicking off a two day extravaganza on the 7th and 8th of June, with sessions from the best marketers in the Gen Z biz.

And, whilst all sessions will be ground-breaking in their own right, we’re particularly excited about one…

This year, Voxburner’s very own Richard Jackson will finally reveal the trends and data behind our 2023 Youth Trends Report.

What is the Youth Trends Report?

The Youth Trends Report is our annual review of the emerging trends that are impacting the lives of 16-24s, and the opportunities for marketers to act upon them. 

This year’s report covers everything from sustainability to sobriety. It contains exclusive data, gathered from 1,000 Gen Zers across the UK, as well as insights from our Voxburner panellists.

The full report will be unveiled at YMS London – but at Voxburner, we don’t gatekeep. 

So, without further ado, here’s your sneak peek.

(you could say poetry is another one of our strengths…)

1. 58% of Gen Z said they would ditch alcohol *completely* for health and wellness reasons

Forget Gin and Tonic – Gen Z are all about Gym and Tonic. Young consumers are officially drinking less than any other generation.

2. 49% of Gen Z think it’s unfair when influencers are given jobs they don’t have traditional qualifications for

Molly Mae might have got the coveted role of creative director for PrettyLittleThing – but does she necessarily deserve it? Well, Gen Z have mixed feelings. Learn more in chapter three of the report, where we discuss all things influencer.

3. 45% of Gen Zers think that being a content creator on OnlyFans is a better alternative to the 9-5

Quiet quitting, bare-minimum Mondays and more talk about burnout than ever. It’s no surprise that Gen Z are feeling unfulfilled with the 9-5. We explore the role that the creator economy has to play in the final chapter of the Youth Trends Report.

4. 84% of UK Gen Zers are ready to campaign on change for social issues

Generation activist, stand up! From BLM, to abortion rights, healthcare access and more, this generation is leveraging all the tools of the digital age to drive meaningful change.

5. 94% of Gen Z women shared that wellness trends make them feel as though they aren’t achieving enough

#ThatGirl, ‘What I Eat In A Day’ ‘Day In The Life’: wellness trends on TikTok can feel endless. In our research, we explored the effect of these self-improvement trends. We looked into the dark side of online wellness – and the results were shocking. You can learn more in chapter two, with exclusive insights from creators and our Gen Z panellists.

About YMS London

Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) is the world’s biggest youth marketing conference. YMS has been curated for anyone looking to better understand, engage and target Gen Z audiences. The audience is made up from marketers from all brands and sectors, agencies, non-profit organisations and colleges and universities. It is a must-attend for anyone looking to reach Gen Z consumers. This year, speakers include delegates from SONY, Depop, Spotify, Channel 4, Just Eat, Amazon and Refinery59 (to name just a few!).

Not got your ticket yet? Sucks to be you…

Kidding – it’s not too late. Secure your pass today!

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