How Events Can Help You Learn About Marketing To Gen Z

Izzy Hall

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Events are back and bigger than ever, and we couldn’t be happier! Events, whether online or in-person, are a great way to connect with other likeminded individuals, push boundaries, gain new perspectives and, most importantly, get some free food. Events within the youth marketing industry are incredible beneficial to marketers within the sector, but what exactly can you learn by attending one?

Why should I care about marketing to Gen Z?

We could go on and on, but essentially, Gen Z are the future for your brand. Their spending habits, financial approaches, interests and passions are shaping the future of consumerism. Plus, they’re the business leaders of tomorrow!

Gen Z are also key spenders right now – despite the cost of living crisis and cuts to their spending, Gen Z are still willing to invest their hard earned money into the brands they know and love. If Gen Z love you’re brand, they’re loyal for life!

Ultimately, your behaviour impacts how Gen Z views your brand and their spending habits, so their approval should mean everything to you. Gen Z insights should underpin your approach to youth marketing, and at Voxburner we focus on the need-to-know topics and work to empower youth marketers to connect with Gen Z. 

How can events help with this? 

So what does this mean for youth marketing events? Well, here are eight ways events can help you market to Gen Z.

1. Understand the demographic better. 

 Learn about the trends impacting 16-24s, what’s important to them and find out what the future holds.

2. Get introduced to new things happening in the industry. 

YMS events are for all sectors, however niche or new. Previous sessions have explored at the metaverse, fashion & retail, recruitment, entertainment, education… the list goes on! You can check out the agendas for our upcoming NYC and LDN events here.

3. Meet the experts

Events will put youth marketing events front and centre, and even give you the opportunity to pick their brains irl! Past speakers from our YMS Events include Kelliesha White (Depop), Milimo Banji (CEO at TapIn), Eve Williams (CMO at eBay), Winston T Marshall (Netflix), Lucie Cave (Chief Content Officer at Bauer Media) and Manny Toro (Soundcloud).

4. Network with those who share your goals 

Everyone at our Youth Marketing Strategy events have the same goal in mind – to connect with and empower Gen Z. At our events, we’re joined by CXOs, VPs, Directors, Heads of Marketing, Department Leaders and Managers from leading brands and exciting startups all around the world!

5. It’s an opportunity to escape the office!

Whether you work from a home office or a shared one, getting away from your desk will undoubtedly inspire you and give you a fresh outlook on the ideas and content you’re producing. 

6. The opportunity to meet Gen Zers!

YMS events are your chance to meet Gen Zers, speak to them directly and ask them your burning marketing questions. Our panel sessions regularly include young people, and we even have Ask Gen Z Anything sessions!

7. There’ll be an event near you…

We take our events all over the world, from London and Berlin to New York and Los Angeles, so there’s something for everyone. But, don’t worry – if it’s too far to come for you or you’re unable to make the events themselves, Voxburner+ subscribers also get year-round access to YMS recorded content, on-demand.

8. And it doesn’t stop there… 

Using those new contacts you’ve made, you can continue the conversation with other like-minded, inspiring individuals, and even connect with those cool speakers that you listened to for year-round inspiration!

See – we told you events are where it’s at!

Youth Marketing Strategy is the world’s largest B2B youth marketing event. Tickets are on sale now for our NYC, LDN and LA events.


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