Stat of the Week: 83% Of Gen Z Would Describe Their Generation as “Creative”

Voxburner Content Team

While some may describe Gen Z as tech-obsessed, cynical, or “woke,” young people have a different word to describe themselves. In our upcoming US Youth Trends report, we found that 83% of Gen Z would describe their generation as “creative.” 

This word makes sense for a generation that grew up with the internet where they could create anything with a few clicks of a button. Just look at TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram and you’ll see the extent of creative work by young people. As Gen Z grows older, they are also using their creativity to start entrepreneurial projects. This generation is the most entrepreneurial yet, according to research by WP Engine. They found that 62% of young people are interested in starting a business. 

Gen Z’s creativity and entrepreneurial mindset will be important for brands in the future. Some companies have already begun to tap into Gen Z’s creative spirit. Adidas, for example, set up a customization station within their Dubai store where customers can personalize the items they purchased on the spot. Brands looking to reach young consumers should support their creativity and give them a space to explore new ideas.

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