Stat of the Week: 85% Of Gen Z Would Like to See More Diverse Representation in Advertising

Voxburner Content Team

After the rise in social movements last year, Gen Z has become defined by their championing nature and desire for social justice. In our UK Youth Trends Report 2021, Voxburner found that 85% of Gen Z would like to see more diverse representation in advertising.

This statistic does not stem from Gen Z’s support of social justice alone, it also comes from a desire to see their own identities represented in media. Voxburner found that 87% of Gen Z would actively support a brand if they felt represented in their advertising. Gen Z is reported to be the most diverse generation yet, so they are more likely to buy from brands that represent people who look like them. 

Diversity in advertising has become increasingly important for Gen Z, and these values are likely to remain important to young consumers in the future. Marketing strategies looking to target young people should pay attention to who they work with and post.

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