Stat of the Week: 97% Of Gen Z Have Changed Their Behaviour to Protect the Environment

Voxburner Content Team

From social media activism to protesting in the streets, Gen Z has made it clear that they’re serious about sustainability and fighting climate change, but how much have they done on a personal level? In our 2020 UK Youth Trends Report, we found that 97% of Gen Z changed their behaviour to protect the environment.

The most popular changes by far were changes to consumption practises. 80% of Gen Z stated that they used less plastic in the past year, and 77% said that they recycled more. We also found that more than half (58%) of respondents donated their old clothes rather than throwing them away. 

These trends prove that Gen Z is not just a generation of words, but of action. They are determined to make a positive change, and they expect the brands they buy from to do the same. If that isn’t convincing enough, sustainable companies have proven to be more lucrative than others. In a list of climate-conscious companies compiled by the CDP, the 179 “A-list” companies performed 5.5% better than competitors in the stock market. Some of these companies include Lego, H&M, and Unilever.

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