Stat of the Week: 86% Of Gen Z Say the Pandemic Has Changed Them for the Better

Voxburner Content Team

When people think of the COVID-19 pandemic, their first thoughts might be negative with lockdowns, job loss, and sickness. But even amid all the negatives, Gen Z has found the positives. In our forthcoming US Youth Trends Report, we report that 86% of Gen Z say the pandemic has changed them for the better.

For many young people, the pandemic has put things in perspective. As a result of the experience, 47% of Gen Z are more grateful for their health and wellbeing. This is a powerful change considering the importance young consumers place on mental and physical health. 

As the pandemic winds down and vaccines are distributed, Gen Z will look to brands to remind them of the positives that came out of the past year. COVID-19 has put a strain on many young people’s lives, and they are ready to look back on this time as a facilitator of change and personal growth. Brands targeting young people should focus on the positive results of the pandemic rather than remaining locked in the negatives.

Learn more about Gen Z values in our US Youth Trends Report 2022 – available exclusively for Voxburner+ subscribers.


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