What Does Gen Z Do for Fun? Entertainment Trends of the Future

Izzy Hall

There are three burning questions every youth marketer wants to know the answers to: Which brands are representing the diverse and individual generation that is Gen Z?, How can we support young people in the creative industry? and What kind of entertainment are 16-24s passionate about?

Voxburner’s year-round dedication to youth insights, research and trends means that we’re always in the know about the latest issues impacting Gen Z, and our YMS events help us to platform the biggest and brightest voices in youth marketing, too. So, keep reading to discover where the answers to those all-important questions can be found…

The Age of Independence: Empowering Gen Z Creators To Take Control Of Their Careers

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What music is Gen Z listening to right now? And how are they supporting themselves in creative industries? This generation of digital natives is consuming entertainment in a number of different ways, as well as producing their own, and we want to know what’s doing it for them right now and how they’re doing it. Gen Z is full of creative individuals (83% would describe their generation as such), and if anyone’s going to be making an income from doing what they love, it’s them. 

Join us at YMS LA as Soundcloud look at how they’ve established themselves as a leader within the independent artist space, discuss how they offer Gen Z creators solutions to navigating their own careers without label dependence and share details on that all-important fan-artist engagement. 

Did you know: 23% of Gen Z favour lifestyle content creators over any other kind of influencer. (Source: Voxburner US survey 2022)

Netflix, Gen Z & The Future Of Streaming

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Making a hit show for Gen Z is no easy task, but when it goes right, it goes really right. Shows like Stranger Things on Netflix and High School Musical: The Musical on Disney+ have proved what a cultural impact the media can have on this generation, whether that be via social media trends or huge online followings. Furthermore, Netflix’s appeal, alongside being a good companion to pass time, is more often than not a metaphorical comfort blanket for Gen Z, allowing them to revisit familiar shows from their youth and helping them escape from the unpredictable outside world.

In this YMS LA Q&A session, Netflix’s Executive Consulting Producer Winston T Marshall will be discussing how Netflix is capitalizing on the streaming boom from the pandemic, sharing how to get young and diverse talent into the industry and exploring how Netflix is experimenting with ads, gaming and ecommerce. 

Did you know: TikTok jumped up 62 places from the previos year in Voxburner+’s latest Youth 100 (Source: Voxburner+’s Youth 100 Report)

Hear From Gen Z Directly : Ask Us Anything 

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Voxburner’s Youth Trends report discusses the cultural, digital and tech trends impacting the lives of young people, but we know that nothing quite beats hearing it from Gen Z directly, and this panel does just that. In this year’s report, we learned that Gen Z still hope and expect to achieve traditional milestones like getting married and having kids by the age of 30, that macro-trends are more important for your brand than micro-trends and that Gen Z favor influencers who share their values (plus much more!).

YMS LA is your opportunity to put your burning marketing questions to our Gen Zers and discover what really matters to them. Find out how their lives have been affected by the pandemic, the importance of individuality, and which brands they think are doing a great job of representing the diversity of the generation. 

Did you know: 62% of 16-24s like seeing fashion trend content on social media (Source: Voxburner+’s US Youth Trends Report 2022)

Join us at YMS LA this November as we take our leading youth marketing event to the West Coast. You’ll benefit from a full day of exclusive insights, insightful talks, unique networking opportunities, tasty food and live entertainment.

Save your seat now – we don’t want you to miss out!


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