YMS New York | A Youth Marketing Event Like No Other

Alex Haider

We might still be deep in the heart of summer, but at Voxburner, we’re always looking ahead (the world of youth marketing is never still, after all…). It’s just a mere seven months until we re-visit the Big Apple for the 13th year of YMS, and the excitement is real.

YMS London 2023 was our most successful event yet – so we’re thrilled to keep the momentum going, and share that our agenda for Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) New York is officially LIVE!

Read on to learn about everything you can expect at next year’s stateside extravaganza…

What is YMS?

Twelve years ago, YMS was born as a first-of-its-kind event in a small warehouse in London.

Targeted at brands looking to better understand and engage young consumers, it has since grown to become the world’s largest youth marketing conference. YMS brings together industry experts and some of the biggest brands making waves with Gen Z today, for a two-day spectacular in both New York and London.

When is YMS New York taking place?

YMS New York takes place on the 20th and 21st of March 2024. Over 97% of the US’ top 100 advertisers have previously been represented at YMS NYC, whilst 86% of delegates will influence new partnership decisions.

It is the go-to networking event for any forward thinking brand. Last year’s event showcased 100 expert voices throughout the planned talks, boasting a whopping 27 hours of authoritative content in total! 

What’s on the agenda for YMS New York?

The main stage is where it’s all happening at YMS New York! Here, we’ll bring the full YMS audience together for our keynote and panel sessions.

You’ll learn:

  • Which organisations are championing and supporting young consumers
  • How they’re securing loyalty and what your brand needs to know
  • The latest trends to be aware of and how your brand can act on them

However, this isn’t to say the main stage is the star that burns the brightest. In fact, we’re thrilled to announce that YMS 2024 will have another four tracks, curated to celebrate the hottest themes in youth marketing today.

The Creator Track

The creator track is the place to be for brands looking to make smarter decisions about their influencer marketing strategy. Previously graced by the likes of PepsiCo, Paramount, Digital Voices and Expedia, we can’t wait for the 2024 cohort of speakers!

The Innovation Track

Get ready to innovate, baby! The innovation and disruptor track is all about innovative product ideas that can be used to engage with Gen Z.

This track asks the important questions: how are brands pushing the boundaries to reach young consumers? Are they catering for this generation efficiently? What makes a product good, in Gen Z’s eyes?

The Retail Track

Get ready to future-proof your strategy with the 2024 Retail Track.

This track will give brands exclusive insights on how to engage with young consumers amidst the current retail landscape. Hear from industry experts on the retail trends fueling the industry for Gen Z, and learn why community building is the key to securing Gen Z loyalty.

The Campaigns & Trends Track

No Gen Z event is complete without a focus on trends – and that’s exactly why we’re bringing the new Campaign and Trends Track stateside.

You’ll learn about the brands who are disrupting and re-shaping the industry, and discover the creative firepower you’ll need to stoke the Gen Z fire.

Breakout Tracks and Masterclasses

Not a fan of big audiences? Want insights on a more exclusive level? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sign up to one of our masterclasses for a more intimate look into Gen Z marketing.

Are you ready? Let’s goooo!

Ready to interact with over 150 powerhouse brands shaping the future of youth marketing, and hear directly from Gen Zers themselves at the world’s leading digital marketing conference? Snap up your New York ticket today!


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