5 Things Every Youth Brand Should Be Doing In 2021

Izzy Hall

2020 has been an unpredictable and unforgettable year, and while it’s important to reflect on our learnings, we’re choosing to focus on the opportunities that lay ahead. As you pull together your youth marketing strategy for 2021, here’s our advice for what any smart brand should be keeping in mind.

Sparking optimism for the year ahead

After a tough 2020, Gen Z are looking to opinion leaders such as brands for reassurance that 2021 will bring better times. When creating your content strategy for the new year, focus on the exciting opportunities ahead, and provide constructive tips and ideas for young people on how to take control of their future, even amidst the uncertainty.

Creating opportunities for young people

In a time when jobs and internships are scarce, nothing will help young people more than committing to hire young people, or at least to offer work experience and mentorship if new roles aren’t on the cards right now. We recently covered the rise of post-graduate depression among Gen Z and what marketers can do to help.

Setting a positive example

Whether it’s reminding your audience that social distancing and mask wearing rules still apply, or encouraging them to take the COVID-19 vaccine as it’s rolled out, brands still have a responsibility to set a good example for young consumers as we enter 2021. It’s essential that we learn from the brands who have earned their respect in 2020.

Holding up 2020’s commitments

This year, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, many brands made commitments to change their practices in relation to racial equity and provide platforms for underrepresented groups. The death of George Floyd and summer of protest may seem long ago already, but to those impacted the issues remain vitally important.

Staying ahead of the Gen Z trends

As many brands look to make up for a difficult financial year, adapting to new trends will play a crucial role in not only recovering but thriving in 2021. The agility with which brands were forced to react to this year’s events is a quality they should retain in order to keep up with the competition – now is not the time to slow down the innovation!

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