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We’re living in a post-pandemic world, and the youth marketing industry is starting to return to its ‘normal’ self. But do you really want to return to the way things were…?!

At Voxburner, we like to push the boundaries of the everyday – our YMS events are a great example of that – and we’re here to bring you along for the ride. Connection is more important to Gen Z than ever before, and it should be for you too. In-person events, online experiences, regular touchpoints, and year-round networking events can create opportunities in an invaluable way, and we’ve been working on something behind the scenes to help deliver just that… 

Our Always On offering connects marketing services and big brands in order to help them reach their goals and win over Gen Z. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring our Always On offering and sharing why you need to get involved.

What is Always On? 

At Voxburner, we support over 40,000 senior brand marketers to understand youth marketing trends and how to attract Gen Z consumers. Voxburner’s Always On offering is a revolutionary approach to connecting marketing service providers and creative agencies with the world’s biggest brands. These relationships will provide marketers with the opportunity to embed themselves within this community, allowing them to position themselves as authoritative experts who can bring to life the goals and ambitions of the brands wanting to capture the hearts and minds of Gen Z. 

So how does Always On work? Content and community, of course! It’s a year-round offering of content, reports, research, events, private engagements, and much more.

Why do you need our Always On offering?

Need persuading? Here are three reasons why you need to get involved…

  1. Working collaboratively can make big things happen. By connecting with the wider youth marketing community, sharing advice, offering support, and networking, you and your peers can create and kickstart ideas you never thought possible. 
  2. You’ll be working alongside great names. Previously, Voxburner has worked with agencies, tech providers and industry leaders, including Social Chain, Channel 4, JC Decaux, and Brandwatch. You could be up there too, building year-round B2B partnerships and getting to know your youth marketing colleagues on a deeper level.
  3. Constant connection means year-round soft touch points. The winning recipe for generating leads!

Get in touch with the Voxburner team today to learn more about Always On and find out how you can meet the community all year round.


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